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Require password

I want to require a password for anyone who logs on to the network and I DONT WANT it to save. I want to require a password everytime they log on. We have 7 people in our family and we are draining our data within days. I need to be able to control what's conncected. I've talked with tech a couple times and they don't offer it. Is there an app or maybe settings on the devices (I can't find them). We have a nexus 7 and Galaxy 4 that I'm really wanting to control internet on. 


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Better than a passwordBetter than a password


Hi Marie, 


It sounds like you want to set up a keyfob style access requirement, which is a pretty cool idea. Our built-in parental controls do not support that, but if you may be able to find another router out there to suit your needs. Right now the options built-in to the HT2000W that I could recommend are 1. setting and automatic turn-on and turn-off schedule for the devices, blocking certain websites or ports/protocols per device.


So say if you know that the Nexus 7 owner uses lots of data on Youtube, you can set up a Parental Control to block for the nexus 7 between 1pm-7am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but only from 7pm-7am on weekdays. 

Alternatively, you can just configure your modem to only allow the Nexus online from 5pm-7pm Mon-Thurs and 4pm-9pm on weekends. 


If this seems like something that might work for you, I can make some examples here in my HT2000W so you can see it in detail.