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I've been experiencing VERY slow speeds.  Following the guidelines recommended by moderator Liz, I've performed tests via  Here are the results:


1/24/22 7:36:32 pm 100 kbps 13 kB/sHughes 25 MB22288463253712 USWJkKmrpp9 
1/24/22 6:56:26 pm 1.75 Mbps 219 kB/sHughes 25 MB53604185216132 USRj98t-E2D 
1/24/22 6:44:14 pm 1.44 Mbps 180 kB/sHughes 1.1 MB4133188016007 USWnmw3URyQ 
1/24/22 6:43:58 pm 1.09 Mbps 136 kB/sHughes 1.5 MB4133188016007 USj9_cvl6wc 
1/24/22 6:38:01 pm 857 kbps 107 kB/sHughes 25 MB4133188016007 US5bvoUCw6m 
1/24/22 6:33:38 pm 414 kbps 52 kB/sHughes 480 kB4133188016007 USLg2ISs9-l 
1/24/22 6:33:02 pm 374 kbps 47 kB/sHughes 480 kB4133188016007 USMnIKP4LxU 
1/24/22 5:56:49 pm 2.33 Mbps 291 kB/sHughes 24.5 MB42628777194695 ~9Q0BB-W_


As suggested, the tests were performed with wifi disabled (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz) and only one computer connected to the modem via a hard-wired cable. 

I've called the technical support telephone number twice, and although lengthy, ultimately fruitless.




Thank you


Larry Crim

New Poster




Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. I am sorry to see you are experiencing slower speeds than normal. I am going to see what I can do for your modem remotely. Please allow some time so that I can perform these adjustments. I also ask that you keep the modem plugged in during the next few hours so that I can maintain a connection. You can still use the service as normal during this time. I will update you once this is complete to see if things have improved. Thank you for your patience in advance. 





Thank you for your patience. It appears your account is already being worked on by the phone representatives you spoke with yesterday. You are expected to receive a call back soon regarding this issue. If you would like, you can still update me here on the conclusion of this case. 



Thank you, Damian.  Will do.



I have yet to receive a phone call from HughesNet.  However, after many speed tests from, 

it's fairly apparent what is happening: lack of available bandwidth.


During daytime hours, speeds are fine, if not very good.  But, during prime evening hours, HughesNet 

slows to a pace that renders it practically useless except for very basic simple tasks such as email or visits 

to undemanding websites. As a matter of fact, I've have to stop many 25mb tests due to the

slowness. For example, tonight after 8 minutes, the test was only 71% complete.


Either HughesNet has oversold it's bandwidth, or is intentionly throttling its current users to make room for additional 



I'm sure you or the other mods are powerless to correct this situation.


Hopefully, sometime in the future, HughesNet will be able to acquire more spectrum, or develop new technologies 

to increase throughput.


Thank you for your assistance.  I wish you well.



I am sorry to hear you still have not received a call from our representatives. It shows that they attempted to call back on the 25th but reached a voicemail. It may be possible the phone number on your account needs to be updated if you have changed it at any point since you started the service. If you believe this is the case I can double-check. Just send me a private message of your current phone number and I will make sure it gets updated. 


When it comes to the issues you described, this is the current situation with the service for some of our customers. Our engineers are actively working on alleviating your issues and are making progress. You should experience improved performance in the coming weeks and months but there is no specific date on when these improvements will take effect. I will stay up to date with your case in our system and will update you if anything changes for your pending call-back.




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Just in case you're not familiar with this community and you do want to send a PM, click on Damian's name and then click "Send a message" on the right side of his page.  Make sure to give the PM a title.


Or you can click here, which is a shortcut to create a PM with Damian as the recipient.  Again, make sure to give the PM a title.

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