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Ridiculously Slow Speeds

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Ridiculously Slow Speeds

Recently subscribed, and started running tests (in the 2 Mbps range), but honestly, looking at your replies to jennga's question (closed now) I'm thinking I've picked the wrong service. Only ONE of her tests hit 25 Mbps, and 11 were 1-2 Mbps (6 of those were sub 1 Mbps!). The mod called those speeds Not stellar, but OK. The flyer we bought from says speeds of 25 Mbps on every plan, not occasionally will hit 25 Mbs, but mostly 1-3 Mbps. Did I read that forum message wrong? Should I bother running more speed tests? The service as it is isn't really usable.
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Re: Ridiculously Slow Speeds

Just because people with tech support issues come to a tech support site doesn't mean every single subscriber has a problem with the service.  And your having issues doesn't mean every single subscriber does. 


If you'd like speed issues addressed in this community, follow the troubleshooting protocol.  Should you bother running speed tests? If you want tech support for speed issues on this site, yes.

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Re: Ridiculously Slow Speeds



You should have looked a little more closely.  The 2.77Mbps and under results were from Upload tests.  


Regarding your concern, as stated in the HughesNet Subscriber Agreement, "Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed."  However, if you're having noticeable speed issues, please follow maratsade's instructions.  


On a side note, only those with the Moderator badge next to their names are moderators (HughesNet employees).

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Re: Ridiculously Slow Speeds



It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.