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Router Channels??

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Router Channels??

Is there any way to change the channels. My channel is currently set on channel 1 but I would like to change the channel to channel 6.

Any suggestions?

Distinguished Professor IV

What router are you talking about?  

Distinguished Professor IV



Are you speaking of a 3rd party router?  If so, what brand and model do you have?  


If you're speaking of the WiFi in the HughesNet HT2000W modem, go here and sign in using admin as the password.   You can also go to the System Control Center and click on WiFi Settings on the lower left to get to the same sign in page.  


Once signed into the WiFi settings, click on Advanced Setup on the left, then Wireless.  You can change the channel there.  Make sure to click Save Settings at the bottom after changing it.


A word of advice.  Make this change while using a LAN cable connected device rather than a WiFi connected device.    

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