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SLOW download & "broken satellite" story

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Re: SLOW download & "broken satellite" story

@Don23805 wrote:

Is the other beam that covers my location possibily better, and how does one arrange to try that out?  I'm on 84, but 68 looks like an equal possibility.


It's likely that this is not an option, at least not at this point, as engineering would normally put it on the table if it was.  

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Re: SLOW download & "broken satellite" story

@bluesky636 wrote:

Depending on how far south of Petersburg you are, the satellite EIRP (transmit power level) is 61 to 63 dBW which is 2 to 4 dBW down from beam center. Beam center is around Greenville at 65 dBW.


I am on ES17, beam 33 in Natural Bridge. EIRP at my location is 65 dBW.

Did you get your seance with "engineering"?  Any insight, or just Wizard of Oz behinfd the curtain stuff?  I'm in 3rd band, but always probably have been, but it's never been slow like this.



Re: SLOW download & "broken satellite" story