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Safari can't connect to server

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Safari can't connect to server

I've been having problems with our Hughesnet internet ever since yesterday. Opening any websites gets me the "Safari can't connect to the server" error on my Mac. Same issues using Firefox and Chrome on my Mac and two different Mac laptops. I run a ping test using my Mac's Network Utility and most of them are "Request timeouts" some tests are going through but they are fast, around 750 ms. I've noticed before when my internet "stops" the ping times average around 750 ms like now, regualr usage shows an average of 1500 - 1900 ms ping times. I then open the HN7000S System Control Center and it shows a green button (OK) under System Status. Clicking on the System Status shows everything is fine, signal strength 85, receiver operational, transmitter ready, service status commssioned, both TCP and Web are operational and the FAP threshold is not exceeded. If the System Status shows everything is good then why can't I open any pages? It takes up to ten reloads to finally open a page but some of them don't render the whole page. Numerous turbo teardowns aren't really working nor are any modem restarts. I've also tried connecting the modem directly to my Mac bypassing our wireless router. I'm still getting the "Safari can't connect to the server" error. It's pretty annoying. Anything else I can try? 

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