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Same problem...continued drain of data. over 20 gig in one day...

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Same problem...continued drain of data. over 20 gig in one day...

over twenty gig gone in one day.  Customer less than 90 days.  Constant problems...hours on the phones.  No fix.  Escalation to "top levels" is a joke. Waiting for call back for days. I am escalating to state and US congress men and women and senators.  Maybe if others will do the same we can get tjhis company shut down.

Good morning eathomasii,

Welcome to the community and thank you for your post, we want to address your concerns. Please read the information here and follow the instructions:

Then you may post your screenshots here in your thread.

Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing back from you.

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Wish to add there are million of us other customers who don't want them shut down just because you are having a problem.
Assistant Professor

Well, it really amazes me when people say this stuff. Bit like wanting Ford shut down because you're having problems with your truck. Most people work things out with the dealer and never seriously threaten wanting to shut them down.
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