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Satellite Dish Missing the Reciever

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Satellite Dish Missing the Reciever

Hello all. I just recently had an install on 6/28 after moving houses. The service was fine on Friday but today when I woke up it was off. The system light, transmit light, and receive light are off on the modem. I went outside to look at the dish and it is missing the Reciever, at least that's what I think it's called. It looks as if someone has pulled it off and cut the wire. I'd upload a picture but can't figure out how to that from mobile as there's no option I see to upload images to a post.

I called into tech support and they wanted to get the state code from the modem, it was 2.1.1 - Outside system error. Was then told they would dispatch a technician out to assess the dish. Then not long after I was told that a technician was on site but my son confirmed that no one has been to the house. Was also told that I'm still under warranty but have to pay for a technician to come out. So yeah, phone support was pretty confusing and unhelpful to say the least.
We had some bad storms yesterday, is it possible that the wind pulled it off?
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A storm years ago pulled down my whole satellite dish installation, pole and all, so it's definitely possible. 


The Hughesnet reps on this site may have already gone home, but they're usually here 9-5-ish M-F, so you should hear something tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Yeah that makes sense I guess. Thanks for the response!

Okay, after looking some things up, what's missing is the LNB.

I got it cleared up with tech support and have a technician coming out on Friday.
We'll see what happens and hopefully no other things go wrong.
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How odd.  I've never heard of a radio (LNB) coming off during a storm, but anything's possible, and it is only held on by one screw.  To be honest, had I seen that, my first thought would have been that someone stole it.




Glad they're able to get out soon to fix it.  🙂  

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I thought the same thing. I've had satellite for a couple years now and during the moving process I looked at the old satellite and noticed screw holes that hold on the LNB. I wonder if someone stole it, but wonder why they would take just that as everyone around me has Hughesnet too and they all have their LNB. It's weird for sure.

I'll keep an eye on it as best as I can and hopefully nothing else goes wrong. Thanks for responding with a picture too, very helpful!
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Well... Depending on what part of the country you live in... Theft of such things can be high if the local drug head knows those things sell for $40 to $80 on ebay.  It's highly unlikely that both the cable and screw came loose and the radio went flying away.  I mean, it is a chunky little unit, so you would have almost needed a tornado to get rid of it.  Was the dish there already when you moved in?  Possible the previous tennant needed to snag their radio and did so?  I suggest keeping an eye on your property.

Around here they like to target HVAC units and strip the copper from the aluminum, then take it in for recycling.  Got bad enough that now you cant even recycle your unit unless you are a contractor or have a reciept and paperwork from a contractor releasing the unit to you for disposal.  Only took me an hour to seperate the copper from aluminum when I replaced ours, and got about $300, but took two trips because I never knew they passed such a law.

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I was wondering about that, as in thieves selling them.  Though anything's possible, and screws coming loose and even falling out is far from unheard of, coax cable is some strong stuff, and it would take a significant force to break it, and force you would think would damage the dish far before the radio, with it having so much surface area.  And with the cable looking like it had been cut, that's another indicator.  


I was thinking about the serial number, though.  Doesn't that automatically load into the modem info, and therefore, the account/system, or is that something that's entered manually?

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The city nearest me has a big drug and crime problem so that's definitely a possibility.

The technician is here now and said the wire had been cut and they took the mount for it as well. He suggested the previous tenants might have tried to get their LNB back. I'll discuss this with my landlord ASAP. I do know the previous tenants had Hughesnet installed just a couple months before they left so it seems likely.

Were were in and out over last Saturday and Sunday so it's possible someone did it over that time period.
I'll definitely be keeping a very close watch and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Let's hope this doesn't happen again.
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With the previous tenants having it installed not long before you were there, that's probably what happened, as in they took it to return it, as with a lease one of the things that needs to be returned is the radio, or they get charged a significant amount for it. 


But sheesh.  How rude!  They could have at least been polite and talked to you about it.

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Ah okay. I can see someone trying to recoup their money, but like you said they could have just discussed it with me instead of taking it like that.

Thanks for all the responses guys, I've learned a little bit from this experience and hopefully others can too.