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Seriously SLOW speeds

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Seriously SLOW speeds

We're fairly new to hughesnet and I've never been so disappointed! I previously posted and Felica told me to do several test from and then post them on here. I have done so over the past month or so and I will post on here. Even a tech person said that our speeds were way too slow! In fact he thought that I was telling him the upload speed instead of download! If I could get out of the commintment without it costing me a bunch of money, I would be gone! I can't do much with the crappy service from hughesnet! Some of the tests we were out of "data" and the last one or two (at bottom of list) we had plenty of data but yet ONLY got &.& mbps! Hughesnet has BREECHED the contract! All tests were conducted from a hard wired modem!


Hope this is what you wanted! I have plenty more, I just hope I shared this correctly!


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Please follow the steps from this article:


You should provide a URL to your results, instead of links to specific tests. 


Edit:  The URL for your results is



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The following link will give them easy access to all of your test results.


You've been using the correct size for the download tests, so that's good.  It may also be a good idea to get a few new tests in so that they have some up to date ones.  And, if possible, to get a few in at different times of the day.  Ideally, it's good to run a batch of 3-5 tests, spaced around five minutes apart, and to get a batch of tests in at a few different times of the day.  Preferably the morning, afternoon and evening, though they are fully aware that not everyone can do this, so they don't expect everyone to.  People work and have other things that may make it difficult, if not impossible, to do the tests in this manner.  But, if you can, it would be helpful to get a few from at least a couple of different times of the day, even if those couple of times are only spread out by a few hours.  The idea behind this is to see if there are patterns in the speed fluctuations, as this can help them pinpoint what may be causing the issue.


Edit:  maratsade edited his post to add the test results link while I was typing this.  

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