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Service is SLOW, not enough data, expensive, TERRIBLE customer service

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Yvonne Carpente
New Member

Service is SLOW, not enough data, expensive, TERRIBLE customer service

Service is SLOW, not enough data and expensive, compared to anything else! They claim you can download 2 or 3 movies simultaneously - right. They probably never tried! I cannot believe this company was listed as the 2nd best when I signed up - Exceed (sp?) was first. This is horrible. We only do email and browse the web - no videos! SO I called to cancel after suffering for 2 years to fulfill my contract ( i am stuck with satellite/wireless internet where I live). I told the clerk I had been trying Verizon wireless - the phone and the internet together and 24GB/month of data (as opposed to 20gb at HN, the 20 gb 'bonus" is useless) , faster, was $20 cheaper and I could roll over data one month at a time. So I said to the clerk "as of today, I no longer need Hughesnet - i have not been using it for 10 days". So he cancelled my service. Later that day I get a "last bill' email. I followed the link and see it is zero - I found it weird as i cancelled with 20 days to go on the period, so they owed me 20 days of internet. I called them and the new clerk said it was because the service was cancelled "as of the end of the NEXT biling cycle", and not "instant cancellation". Well, I had no idea there was a choice, I was never given/offered a choice, and i requested IMMEDIATE termination of the service - one would assume this means "instant cancellation", besides, i had already told him I was using Verizon! So the clerk said she could cancel as of that day, no problem, but it would cost $25. LOL! Really? Why? Because she needed to REACTIVATE my account and then cancel again and the system would automatically charge me $25 to reactivate the account. I was floored. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said she was the highest person at the moment. I told her the previous clerk made a mistake when cancelling my account, and I was not going to pay $25 to fix his mistake and I was not going to pay for crappy internet for 20 more days either due to limitation on her application! SO she said she was going to check with a co-worker (kid you not). When she did that, she "disconnected" me. I think she hang up because she did not want to deal with it. So I called back and spoke to another clerk. I told the new clerk the whole story, very calmly. She took 30 seconds to reactivate my account and cancel "immediate" with NO fee - she said if i re-activate within 45 days there is no activation fee. So the previous clerk was clueless. So 1 out of the 3 clerks I spoke to knew what they were doing. Thank goodness I do not have to deal with them anymore!
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As far as I know they always terminate the service at the end of the billing cycle and they don't prorate the month. 

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Yvonne Carpente
New Member

Apparently that is no longer true as they prorated the month, but will only refund unused internet $ once the equipment is returned to them (Cables, modem, receiver?).

Hello Yvonne,

Welcome and thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear this, it's totally understandable how that can be frustrating. I'm glad we were able to sort out the cancellation finally. Good luck with your new ISP.

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