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Shared "Dual" RG6 coaxial cable with Messenger

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Shared "Dual" RG6 coaxial cable with Messenger

I have both Directv and Hughesnet.  They say they bundle, but apparently not in my area.  We just finished building a new house and would like to run RG6 from dishes (both Directv and Hughesnet) to close to each other in a centeral location in the house... because the new Directv Genie 2 HS17 utilizes the internet and works better if cable connected (rather than WiFi) and a little more than 4 feet from each other.  Wondering if it is OK to use Dual RG6 solid copper direct burial coaxial cable with a messenger wire for the Hughesnet side.  Being that they are attached to each other (the dual cables) would there be an issue with the conflicting signals.  If you can't use Dual, then can you run single parallel to each other from dish to middle of house?

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Re: Shared "Dual" RG6 coaxial cable with Messenger



Regarding satellite TV receivers, HughesNet recommends against connecting satellite TV receivers to their service due to the amount of data satellite TV receivers can use, even if nothing is ever watched on demand.  The receivers change to updating some things through the internet rather than the their own dish.  People have seen their monthly data wiped out because of this.  


As for what you're asking about the dual cable, I don't know about the technical aspects, but the actual installation needs to be performed by a HughesNet installation tech, and I'm reasonably sure using the cable they provide.  I can't speak for DirecTV, but I'm pretty sure it's the same with them, as well.


A rep can confirm either way.  The'yre on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  It normally takes them up to a working day to reply, but with them being much busier as of late due to the increase in pandemic related support requests, it can take a bit longer.

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