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Signal strength and snow

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Signal strength and snow

I have fairly new Gen5 service in Colorado at my mountain property. I have noticed that if there is even a 1/2" of snow on the dish I lose my connection. This is a problem as I am not there all the time to brush the snow off the dish. After doing some troubleshooting and reading the forums here, I found the diagnostic pages on the HT2000w modem/router. I noticed that even on a clear, sunny day my Rx signal strength is maxing out at ~66. That seems awfully low compared to what many are seeing around here. I remember the tech who installed the dish saying it had a "great signal strength", but I don't have anything to compare to. I doubt the dish got moved. It is protected from the majority of the wind we see. When I do brush off the snow I am careful.


Mods (Liz?)... thoughts? Should I contact Tech Support and have the dish realigned?

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