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Slooowwwww Downloads - Had to Cancel Service

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Slooowwwww Downloads - Had to Cancel Service

I upgraded to Gen5 on Sept 6, 2017.  My download speeds immediately became erratic, alternating mostly between quite good and dismal.


After twenty-three days of paying for this sub-quality service, tech support still offered no suggestion that they could remedy the problem.


Having run about 233 HN speed tests and scores of speed tests  on other sites in an effort provide what little assistance I could to the tech people, I finally wearied of being tethered to my computer for all of my waking hours and I wearied of looking for hope in finding a solution.


I cancelled my service which was costing this very poor fellow way too much and was providing very little in terms of internet access on Sept 30.


It seems apparent to me that there is something very seriously wrong in one or more of the major components in this Gen5 servive as the number of cases that are coming to light continues to increase. 


I dearly miss my old Gen4 service which I enjoyed and appreciated for nearly five years.  Thanks, HughesNet, for that.  Good luck in getting this problem resolved.  And as an aside, I would dearly appreciate being on a hot mailing list that could be used to update folks on the status of this situation, especially when it gets fixed.



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So, general question here: people who cancel can still log on and use the site?

I seriously doubt it.  Having cancelled my service, I would guess that everything about my account will be mothballed at the end of my current [and last] billing cycle.

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@maratsade wrote:

So, general question here: people who cancel can still log on and use the site?

I'm not sure, but I think someone can if they sign in using the alternate sign in options, even if those options require the one time registration info of one's DSS while it's still  active.  Again, I'm not postive of this, but I think it's possible.  

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