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Slow Gen5 download speed

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Slow Gen5 download speed

So I had my WiFi installed about a week ago. First two days it worked great and I was getting a minimum of 15 mbs on my Xbox. Well we got hit by a bad storm and ever since then I’m lucky if I can get 4mbs I’m wondering if the storm could have knocked my satellite out of sync or something? Any help would be great
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Can you get to the modem's System Control Center at!/usage?  Are there any error messages?  If you click the "I" (it's to the right of the word "English"), what's the system state code?

It says the system state code is 0.0.0
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A state code of 0.0.0 means that everything on the HughesNet end is working as it should, and that there are no HughesNet equipment problems.  


It's possible that it's just coincidence, and the lower speed is due to heavier system congestion, which often happens during the evenings and on the weekends.  


With that said, you can run a few speed tests to demonstrate the speeds you are getting at current.  This will help to show if there is a problem.  To run the tests, please follow the instructions in the following post...

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