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Slow Gen5 download speed

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Slow Gen5 download speed

Good morning,

I am experiencing very slow speeds when working online, and especially when streaming video. However, I have ran a few speed tests and continually show 40+ down. Please advise on how I may address this issue.




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How long has this issue been happening?


When you go to the System Control Center (!/home/status), what state code do you see under System Status?


To get speed issues addressed on this site, please follow the protocol outlined here:

Hi Maratsade,

Thank you for your quick response. It has been going on since installation. I"ve tried a few things but nothing seems to really work.

I show the following at Sys Control: 14.2.1 -- The 2.4 GHz WiFi radio is off. Should the 2.4 radio be on?





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Are you connecting using the 5GHz connection? Did you turn off the other one? Was it always off?


Edit: the modem manual may be useful to you:


Edit 2: Here's a post that shows how to enable the 2GHz band:




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Regarding the streaming, if the source is in HD you may need to turn off, or pause, the Video Data Saver.  It can sometimes help with SD streaming as well, though usually it's not necessary. 


Regarding the WiFi, if the streaming device's connection to the 5Ghz band isn't very strong, changing it to the 2.4Ghz band, which has better range, might be beneficial.  The HughesNet Mobile app has a built in WiFi signal tester so that you can see how the WiFi signal is at the spot you are testing.  Whichever band your mobile device is connected to at the time (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) is the band the mobile app is testing the strength of.   You can get the mobile app at the App Store and Google Play.  The links to the app are on the HughesNet MyAccount site, as well.   

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