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Slow Internet - like deja vu all over again

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Slow Internet - like deja vu all over again

Liz and GabeU,


i hope you see this.  After having good speed tests on 5/30 & 5/31 I am back down below single digits.  Last night I clocked 0.68 Mbps and tonight 0.28 Mbps download.  The upload was better at 3.42 Mbps last night and 2.10 Mbps tonight.  I have not run the speed tests using my laptop but will try to do so tomorrow night. I just don’t understand how it can go from the high teen’s to nothing in just a couple of days.  Thanks for any help you can provide.  I appreciate it.  

Rich Knox


Hello @richknox,


Thank you for contacting us again. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing another issue with the service. After running diagnostics, it appears the equipment is fully operational, however, there seems to be a signal communication issue due to the thunderstorms in your area. Once this clears, service should return to normal. Please continue to monitor the weather and update me once it has completely cleared.



Distinguished Professor IV



Just a word to the wise.  Even though you may not now be troubleshooting your speed (or not yet again), it's always a good idea that you run them under that account when you do.  Not only will that keep a running record, but it's also better than other speed test, including HughesNet's own, for various reasons, with the biggest one being that you choose a set amount of data to be used for the test, which even HughesNet's own test doesn't do.  This, in the end, can help you to save data when testing.  Granted, if you don't test a lot it might not be much, but every MB saved helps, that's for sure (I came within 5MB of going over my 20GB limit last month).  

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