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Slow Speeds

I have been getting really slow speeds lately.  I am currently under FAP, my speeds around 1 mbps or lower.  I have applied Token Bytes to my account two different times in the past few days and my speeds stayed slow (around 1-3 mbps max).  My location is not currently having storms, and my Gateway location does not seam to be having any either.  My latest speed tests were done with Token Bytes available on my account.   Signal Strength around 100.


I just Disabled Web Acceleration - and Reset MBX (whatever that is).  Speed tests are now showing 11 mbps.  I Enabled Web Acceleration and ran speed test again and it was still 11. 


Is there any existing problems still going on with the Gen 5 system or with my Beam?


Satellite NameEchoStar-19-NAD
Gateway ID14
Beam ID68
Outroute ID4
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I'm on Beam 68 too - I have noticed the speeds have gone down a bit for me. In my case, it may be weather related, as there's been bad weather in the region, so I'll be testing again when the area is clear and sunny.  Maybe the beam is getting crowded again, or a lot of people are accessing it at the same time.  According to C0rr0sive's site,


“Over” 200Gbps Total Capacity / 120 Beams = 1.6Gbps of total bandwidth, PER BEAM, each beam covers approximately the size of Ohio, maybe a little less, and they have some rather large overlaps.  Not a lot of capacity for such a massive area when compared to the fact that the same area has potentially 10Tbps of capacity in fiber and copper wired networks to service the cities.


Now, lets take that, and see how many users can be on, till you start noticing speed reductions, 1600Mbps / 25Mbps = 64, that’s right, 64 customers, all pulling at the exact same time, before service starts to slow down, granted, there are tricks to bring this number up substantially.



So, it may be that more people are on the beam and using it at the same time, which may account for the lower speeds. It may be something else, too, but usage is something to consider.


Hello wildcats198308, Thank you for posting your speed test results. Is there anything specific you are trying to do? I attempted a few things to see if it helps, let me know if it has improved. I will add some data to your account to give you a chance to see if there are any improvements, if not I will send your account over to our engineers to better assist you.

My speeds were better later last night and they seam ok today so far (14-19 mbps).  The slower speeds must have been from congestion.  It was after 12 am when I had the slow speeds last night so I did not think it would be congestion that late.  What do you mean by attempting things to see if it helps?  I rebooted my modem from the System Control Center earlier in the day yesterday so I did not try doing that again, and I did not want to clear the history so tests could be done on the modem.  I will try doing a hard reset if speeds get slow again.  Other than that I dont know of any thing else that I can do. is not working right now, I am unable to sign in.  When I click sign in it only brings up one white text box and clicking on the box does nothing.  I guess they are having issues with the site, as I tried several browsers and all are the same.  So my speed tests from today probably wont show on my account. 😞 

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" What do you mean by attempting things to see if it helps?"


He meant that he tried some tweaks on the Hughesnet side to see if they would improve things on your end, and he'd like to know if you notice improvements.

Wildcats198308, I apologize that I did not make it clear. I will keep an eye on the thread, so just let me know when you experience an issue again so we can check in on it.