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Slow connection and a lot of video buffering

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Slow connection and a lot of video buffering

Thought that it was because we were out of data but shows that we have 36 gb on are service. Then tried by turning the video saber off but still does the same thing has done it since we got the service. The state code is 14.2.1 and says that the 2.5 gz is off which I turned off tonight. The router is right next to the tv and amazon fire stick
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Do you have a computer that has the ability to connect directly to the modem with a LAN cable?  I ask this for speed testing purposes.  


Also, the 36GB of available data is Anytime or Service Plan data, correct?  I just want to make sure that the 36GB you're seeing is not Bonus data.  


Lastly, are both boxes at the top of this page green?  

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