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Slow internet here's the problem.

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Slow internet here's the problem.

My internet service is tested with ur server and reads fine.  Yet surfing the net is slow even on email.  Movies always stop or pause.  Netflix rates my speed usually at around .002ish.  I go on utube is does the same cuts out pauses.  Originally I had the 10 byte plan bec it said for someone single.  I upgraded to the 20 byte plan bec they said that was for families.  Then y is the service so slow, cuts out, or pauses?  I've tried to download a movie it starts the download then stops about 1/4 of the download after taking over a half an hour.  And it starts over from the beginning all the while it charges me for the data for the download that never downloaded.  Rip off!!!

I am the only person in the household that uses the service.  I would like to know y it eats up so much data?  just for one person who usually uses the net for email, surfing, occasional utube.  And movies at night and thats on ur data saver option as well.  Can u resolve this issue?



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To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:


To test where data goes, use the procedure detailed here:


The HughesNet reps on this site will wait until you follow the required procedures, so you may want to start soon. 

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Everything  you do on the net uses data, and even with the Video Data Saver left on (the default setting) you can use upwards of 1GB or more per hour while streaming.  Your devices likely also use data on their own for some things.

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