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Slow internet/ no phone/fair weather company

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Slow internet/ no phone/fair weather company

Once again I have no home phone or internet. The weather will be blamed as it always is when I call support. Today there was a code 11.3.1

I am so frustrated by this company. I'm paying $140 a month for home phone and internet yet I have to use my cellphone at least once a week because this "service" doesn't work. Tried to watch a movie on Amazon at 3am and it was stuck loading.

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Do you pay for HughesNet voice?

Yes...I pay for phone and internet. NetFusion plan.



Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the Community! I was able to find your account through your Community profile. Upon looking into it, it seems we currently have connection to the modem, luckily with no active state code. However, it does seem that you've been experiencing marginal alignment. We'd like to send a complimentary dispatch to have a technician come take a look at your outdoor unit! Please send a private message at the link attached below with your address attached so we can confirm and set up a scheduled time!




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An 11.3.1 suggest a connection issue. And while weather can be the cause, both at your location and your gateway's location, that's not necessarily what's happening.


Give the reps here a chance to run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment to see if anything's amiss. If they can't locate your account they'll ask for some personal info to be given via private message so they can do so, for which they'll provide a link.


The reps here are normally on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST. They usually reply within a day.

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I have contacted customer support often for this issue. I've done everything that they have requested and suggested. 

We've only had Hughes for almost 7 months. Every month... literally every month right after the new month starts our phone never works. It was suggested that I unplug the phone from the box to reboot it. Which I have to do every month... sometimes even at other times during the month.

Internet has been slow right from the start. I received a message after the five month time period to go to a Fusion plan to help get more reliable service. We now have netFusion. It didn't fix anything. Something is causing our data to be eaten up. And as always the phone doesn't work reliably.

So, we didn't watch any movies for a month. Data was still being eaten up. I haven't even used my home computer for several months. I've been using my cellphone plan for everything.

Why would any company expect a customer to contact customer support every month?

I'm so disappointed with this service.


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Your best bet is to ask for help on this site -- the reps here have direct contact with the techs and engineers and can do more for you. 


HN's NetFusion wouldn't work for me at all because my nearby wireless networks are pretty awful. I wonder if you have bad wireless networks around you too. 


As for what's using the data, on thing you can do is check your connected devices. To so, log in to this community, then

Click on Usage
Click on Usage Details
Click on Usage again -- you will now see the Connected Devices link
Click on Connected Devices
Click the button labeled "See all connected devices." It's located towards the bottom of the page.