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Slow internet

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Slow internet

I can not watch a video on HughesNet because it is constantly buffering. I was told that HughesNet is aware of the problem and is working on it. That was about a month ago. Something about the gateway in California. I ran the speed test as recommended. I am a Senior Citizen that is not Tech savy so your post entitled "Think you have slow speeds" does not provide enough step-by-step instructions to ensure I am providing what you need. As far as I can tell my internet is barely functional and WAY BELOW average. I should not have to pay for such poor service. Let me know if this is sufficient data for you to intercede. 

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Re: Slow internet



At this point, more tests will be needed, as they need to be run a specific way.  


When you run the speed tests, please be sure to use the Manual 25MB test size for download tests and the Manual 4MB test size for upload tests, which you can find on the testmy site under the Download Test and Upload Test headers, respectively (i.e. click on Download Test, and then click 25MB under Manual Test Size, and the same for Upload Test, though the 4MB size).  The priority is the download tests, so those are what you should concentrate on.  You can run upload tests if you like, but you don't need to run that many of them in comparison.      


Please also be sure to run a batch of 3-5 tests, with each test spaced at least five minutes apart, and you should run a batch at different times of the day.  Preferably a batch in the morning, a batch in the afternoon and a batch in the evening, but they know not everyone can do that.  The most important thing is to get at least a couple of batches in.  


Also, are you running the tests with a device that is connected via WiFi or with a device that is connected via LAN cable, and if the latter, have you disabled the WiFi in the modem while running the tests?  If you are running the tests with a device that is connected via WiFi, please use a device that is connected via LAN cable, and if you don't know how to disable the WiFi while running the tests, please let us know so we can explain how to do so. 


Though it may seem a bit of a pain to have to run the tests in this specific manner, it is for good reason, as it helps to eliminate possible causes and gives needed info.  




Regarding the videos buffering, have you tried turning off (or pausing), the Video Data Saver?  The method you are using to watch the videos can have an effect on how well they play, as well.  What device they're played on, whether via WiFi or LAN cable, whether directly from a website or via an application (i.e. Youtube on your computer or Netflix on your TV), etc.  Knowing what the video service is (Youtube website, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc), and what device you're trying to play the videos on would also help.

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