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Slow speeds. Not what I'm paying for.

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Slow speeds. Not what I'm paying for.

After  calling 10 to 15 calls and escalated to the next support tier. I still have slow speeds. Tech has been up and says needs to be moved to another sat. like sat. 17. I called and signed up for a business stactic site. They havent returned. I am not happy interent is slow all over the house. Not getting what i am paying for. PSST.

Associate Professor

Not sure if the Hughesnet Reps here can help you since you're a business customer, but on the off chance they can, you should create a account and perform 3-5 tests during different parts of the day. Then share the account results link with us here.

Please keep in mind that Hughesnet will only accept and the official Hughesnet speed test results. Tests from other sites like are not accepted due to the compression technologies and latency that satellite deploys.

Most important points to remember during this test:
-do the tests while directly connected to the HughesNet modem with a LAN cable (NO third party Router or Wireless devices can be used)
-use the 25MB size download test file ONLY

-If testing upload instead of download, you must use a 4MB size upload test file
-space each test at least 5 minutes apart
-post your results URL here, it may look something like

For a more in depth guide on running the tests, please visit:

The Reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM Eastern. They will be the ones to address your speed issues, but they will need these tests to do so.

Aside from that, if you are on Beam 055, then there is a known performance issue on that beam that engineers have been working on for some time now.