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Slow speeds

I have been living in Louisville KY for the last year, while we still have our home here in Alabama. Our service in Louisville is with Time Warner, and its amazingly fast. I am home for the weekend in Alabama and did a speed test for the UL DL speeds, and a ping test (tell me how I can have an 1155ms?). I've attached the pics to show the results. We are paying $90 some odd dollars every month for this. Who can fix this horrible speed - I swear its as if I'm on dialup again. Just tell me who to contact that can resolve the issue.

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Good morning rambeno,

Thank you for posting your concerns in our community. We definitely want to assist you and to get started, we should be running speed tests on websites that can accurately read satellite speeds. 

To get started, please follow the steps here to set up a account and run speed tests so that we get a proper evaluation of your system performance:

Most important points:
-do the tests while directly connected to the HughesNet modem
-use the 12MB test file
-space each test at least 5 minutes apart
-post your results URL here, it may look something like[yourusername]

Looking forward to hearing back from you.



Hello rambeno,

Hope our responses were able to reach you. We look forward to helping your resolve your concerns.

- Chris