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Slow to nothing - 8-256kbps bursts ocassional 1-4Mbps Speedtests in Pocket of Hughesnet

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Slow to nothing - 8-256kbps bursts ocassional 1-4Mbps Speedtests in Pocket of Hughesnet

Been cutomer for over 2 years will be cancelling most likely end of this cycle: 

Interestingly Speedtests of mostly any site offering them will say high speeds on second or third try: while rest of internet is unresposive.

Try watching a video in even 480 or trying to do Windows update or download or anything ..if I get a respose at all the speeds are 8-256kbps most always with short burst of 1-4Mbps once in a while:  Watching any video service is immpossible and at SD and 480 you get a few seconds of video and then bufer circle a 2 minute video takes 10 minutes on last video i took.

I am finishing up video and data logging of exact same 2 minute video, downloads etc using Hughesnet then cellphone hotspot to post all over twitter and facebook and else were because they always say its my system: and ignore that another network connection provides instant responses and viable use of the internet.

Highspeed is not a selling point with me.. would prefer relaible 3-5Mbps even that worked all the time.

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How is it you're actually determining your speed and the bursts you're seeing?  Judging by your name, you should already know that activities on the net, such as watching 480p videos, will only use the bandwidth they need, and that speed tests are designed to test your full possible bandwidth at that given time.  And keep in mind that some things doing get along spectacularly well with the high latency inherent to satellite internet, and things like streaming will always be affected by any congestion present on the system, of which there is normally at least some with HughesNet due to the considerably smaller system capacity than ground based services.  And, of course, as the day goes on, that congestion becomes more pronounced, especially in the evenings. 


If you're having difficulty streaming at all times, some troubleshooting can be done, but the first step required is speed testing using a specific protocol, which you can find here.   


If, however, you'd rather not do so and would rather just move on as you had planned, good luck.

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