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Slow, unreliable internet

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Slow, unreliable internet

Currently, my download rate is 1.4 Mbps..... 1.4!!!! And the advertisement was for 25mbps and up! Why?? Yes, I have called tech support and have done speed tests with only one cell phone connected to the network and the max Speed was 18mbps 6 inches from the router.  Its not any faster downloading on demand from dishnetwork, even on non hd setting.  Laptop runs just as slow.  I literally cannot watch anything on dish on demand or social media or anywhere else on the internet without ridiculous buffering no matter the device.

And why should I have to come in here and complain?? Just check your Facebook page, Hughesnet, and you'll see that 99/100 posts on there are about the same thing: garbage service!
This is ridiculous. As soon as I get an extra $400, expect my call to terminate your "service". So, here's your challenge to keep my business. I'm not going to hold my breath.


Hughes Net is JUNK!!!  Like I said before.  As soon as my contract is up, I am done!!!  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  Surely won't happen again.  I have also let all of my co-workers and friends about how horrible the service is.  (If you want to call it service)  So unreliable...

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If you have issues, then create a new topic and detail them.  Your first few posts to this community haven't been helpful to anyone in any way so far.