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Slower than Windstream!

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Scot Howard
New Member

Slower than Windstream!

I was fed up with Windstream and wanted to try another internet provider, but living in a rural area there were not many options. So I researched and found Hughes Net. Sounded like a good idea. I called up and asked about there service and was assured I would receive better service and faster internet speeds. I even told the rep I was using the internet for kids projects and Net Flixs. Not once was I told about data usage or do not use it during peak hours. After two days I'm ready to dump this company and return to Windstream which is pathetic as it gets, but your so called service is horrible! My kids cannot do their projects at 2a.m. I feel I was lied to by a salesperson. Your service is no where near what I was told I'd be getting. How do I cancel this service you are not providing?
Assistant Professor

Also, how many kids doing what for projects? Does it include video streaming? You can not stream in HD, it is a capped, limited data, metered service. If you had unlimited data, or a very high cap, then you should probably go back there.

They can pull your sales call as Mordacious said to see if you were not told about the data limits.
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Windstream is not satellite. Most ISP's are "up to" when stating speed.
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Diversity, offload TV bandwidth, reduce in-house costs, I don't know ask them. As far as I know there are only two satellite internet service providers. Maybe they are a satellite ISP re-seller but I don't think so.
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Windstream & Dish TV are partners.
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Thanks Reggie, the simple answer.  🙂

Hi Scott,
First let me welcome you to the community.
I am aware of the capped data packages offered by Windstream and aware of the speed issues that some customers are complaining about.
It is likely that your wants exceed the capacity of the connections available to you.
Multiple devices streaming video, long periods of HD video i.e.. Netflix, etc. you will not get.
Depending on your package, you will get speed and service enough to allow kids (2 or 3) and yourself to use the internet at the same time. I have grandchildren who use the internet for schoolwork and can tell you that works here. I have not tried to test the limits of the connection beyond this.
If your system is not performing within these parameters the people here will help you if you will work with them.
You have 30 days to cancel the service without paying for Early Termination. After that, you are bound to a 24 month commitment.
Best wishes,

Don  🙂

Hello Scot

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear you have not enjoyed your experience with us so far and want to help make this right. First, the best way to start is to locate your HughesNet account. Do you have a recent case number or the serial number that is on your modem? I may be able to pull up your sales call, because I am very concerned about our sales agent not discussing data plans or the need to take care when using streaming services with you. 

Thank you
New Member

   Careful - they will blame every thing but themselves.  On days and times I was not suppose to be throttled ect - I was unable to watch anything set to low or otherwise, Netflix, Amazon prime, using Roku or whatever, My TV service was Direct Tv and I was forever getting messages stating My internet wasn't fast enough/good enough.  Amazon Prime refunded the cost of my movie cause it would have to pause every 5 to 7 minutes to buffer. And my TV service would send me messages I needed to connect my equipment to the internet.  I never disconnected it.  
      Sad Sad Sad.  After calling them (Hughes) about this 'more than 4 times"  I got the answer they wanted to send someone to check their equipment - I told them I wouldn't pay for anything - paying enough for crappy internet now - Get this not even 10 minutes later I get a text from someone stating they needed a credit card to finish up the paperwork for the sales call. Told them if Hughes wasn't paying don't bother to come.  My status with Hughes net was set to ""ON HOLD"" This was January 18, 3:10pm in the afternoon.  
       I have not heard anything from them since.  
This is crappy service at the best.  They will blame the weather, your computer, your software, your router, your modem, trees, branches, plants, the neighbor dog or cat or space ships hoovering above your disk.  I guarantee you they will get your to run speed test over and over again. To no avail or help for you. 
      When they figured out they was speaking to someone who built their on computer - who could ping test them among other things, who ran their own speed test. Essentially a geek - thats when I got well we need to have someone check our equipment.  LMAO -- then they put me on hold cause I refused to pay the guy they wanted to send.
    I am unable to stream any movies, anytime of the month, day or night.  This is with my TV service. I am unable to stream movies with any service with the ROKU, I dare not try it with my computer.
They are in the business for one thing I have come to the conclusion - to take your money.
I have had no resolution with them. 
BTW I have screen shots of my txt with them - status set to 'ON HOLD' -- screen shots of my speed test (took pics of it with cell phone)  --  I believe the FTC needs to check into HughesNet - I am leaning closer and closer to it being a RIP off.  Just look at all the post here.  Everyone pretty much stating the same thing.  

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