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Smart Browsing Removed

New Member

Smart Browsing Removed

For the first 2 years of my subscription I was able to utilize Smart Browsing, represented by a blue octagon symbol in my taskbar. Now, however, if I exhaust my bandwidth limit, I get a red circle symbol in the taskbar and email and basic web speeds are severely curtailed.  Why has Smart Browsing been removed from my plan?

Re: Smart Browsing Removed

Hello Greg,

That is very odd indeed! I have located your account and will review it to see what is going on. In my experience, our status meter icon in the taskbar has most recently been a circle. Have you updated to the latest version of the status meter? The only way to see if SmartBrowsing is active after you've exceeded your data allowance is by opening the status meter - if the SmartBrowsing logo is "lit up", its active.

It could very well be that you were possibly running on token data and not SmartBrowsing. I'll dig into your account and make sure your plan is one of our SmartBrowsing plans. I  appreciate your patience.

Thank you