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So Disappointed...

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So Disappointed...

I had HughesNet installed yesterday and so far I am so disappointed in the service itself...including the rude customer service I have received.  Literally 2 hours after installation, I realized I made a HUGE mistake and called to cancel the service.  The first call, I was on for 17 minutes with an extremely rude agent who seemed disgusted because I requested to speak with a manager.  He scoffed and put me on hold.  After 5 minutes the call was disconnected.  Even though they ask if the number you are calling from is a good number if they get disconnected, they DON'T call you back.  I ended up calling back again and was on the phone for another 44 minutes.  The first representative was helpful knowing that I was disconnected.  He tried to explain the situation to Account Mgmt before transferring me to speed the call.  I was eventually transferred to an agent who was Skyping or Messaging with a supervisor regarding the situation, instead of just transferring me to that person.  Seemed like the supervisor did not want to take the call.  In addition to the poor customer service, the call quality is absolutely horrible, cutting in and out and the agents are extremely hard to understand.  I was told canceling would cost me $810!  WHAT?  I am willing to pay for the free installation ($99.00) I received just to cancel this service plus you can keep the initial month of service I paid for.  I want to be able to work from home and so far this service at 25 Mbps has been WORSE than the 6 Mbps we received through our currect carrier.  My son was watching YouTube and the buffering was horrible!  Even trying to load your mobile app on my cellphone failed!  I tried to take the survey you sent me after the first call and when it came to submitting it...that FAILED TOO!  I am begging to be let out of this contract that I did not even know was being initiated (I will take the blame for that, I should have asked, but the selling agent should have explained that as well)!  This service is now costing me more for less and is going to cause a hardship on me working from home and the kids home schooling.  I implore HughesNet to do the right thing here.  

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Re: So Disappointed...

Jackie, That sounds really frustrating.  Unfortunately, as stated in the subscriber agreement, once you have subscribed and gone through installation, the cancellation fee applies.  Is your account business or residential? 


EDIT: by the way, this site is a subscriber-to-subscriber site. The HughesNet reps on this site are on M-F during business hours. You will recognise them because they have the label MOD next to their names. The rest of us posting here are subscribers. 


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Re: So Disappointed...



Judging by the Early Termination Fee of $800 that you mentioned, it sounds like you have a Business Account, as the ETF for Residential subscribers is $400.  If it is, in fact, a Business Account that you have, you'll need to call 800-347-3272 for any help, as the help offered here, both technical and account related, is for Residential subscribers.


Regarding the 24 month commitment, mention of it is included in the scripted disclosure that's read near the end of the sales call and to which it is asked if you agree before the sale can be completed.


It may very well be that the only other option, besides cancelling the service and paying the ETF, is using technical support to your advantage to get the things working as best as they can for what you're trying to use the service for.  Keep in mind, however, that satellite internet isn't like ground based service, and it does have its disadvantages in comparison, which is why it's generally chosen as a last resort (i.e. when ground based service isn't available).

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