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Somebody please help!!

Good afternoon,


To: Liz/Amanda/anyone one,


This is my second attempt pls help! I'm a new customer. I have Gen 5 with the HT200W modem and InnoMedia ATA for the satellite Internet & VOIP. The VOIP worked without a problem for 1 month. For the past 2-3 weeks, it’s been nightmare. I've been having frequent call drops both on the incoming and outgoing calls. Similar issue with others here, who have reported problem with Hughes VOIP on the community message board.

I have been talking with horrible tech supports in the Philippines. They keep telling me, to reset the ATA, wait 2 minutes, and then unplug the power cord, wait 5 minutes and plug everything back, and wait until it powers back to use the phone. The techs claim, "Just sent an update to your equipment to clear statics causing the drop call?" However, none of their techniques worked so far.


In addition, tech(s) also promised to send a technician out locally and provided ticket #106900701. When I called back to follow up on the status of the ticket & the promise they made to send someone to take a look at my equip. They will start asking me the same Q&A, as if they are reading a script of some sort, not listening to my questions. I have provided examples how long each call lasted/phone numbers with dates and time exactly when the call got disconnected/dropped. And, that the phone light on the ATA blinks and will not go solid green when I'm on the phone. T

By the way, the internet works fine. I've very ill mother and I need to call frequently to discuss her care with my siblings who also lives far away from me. My cell phone doesn’t work in my area, I'm relaying on your VOIP for now. Please help! 


BTW, I stopped calling your tech support because they're not providing me any solution or let me speak to someone in USA.




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I apologize for the delay in replying to you. Looking at the call log history to our call centers on your HughesNet Voice phone, most lasted over 7 minutes and up to 18 minutes.  I ran diagnostics on your equipment and did a deep dive into your per device connectivity statistics to find any signs of connection loss that would cause this. I could not, but I did see that you have at least 2 iDevices (iPad and iPhone) connected to wi-fi.

I wonder if the issue in this thread is the source of the problem:


Please let me know if that solution resolves your issue. 


Thank you,