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Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

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Sometimes slow internet for almost a year


This problem did not exist about a year ago.

I connect directly to the box (called Model HT1000 P/N 1503308-0003  S/N B1 0005110220 AX) or by Apple MacAir (old unit and then a new unit) and get same kinds of viewing experience.  

At the lowest resolution setting, when watching a movie, it stops and continues often or freezes. 

Sometimes web sites appear with no real delay and at other times some sites only appear partway and then freezes. 

I watch movies with close captioning and get same result when I turn off the close captioning (somewhat deaf).

I saw others on this site advised to go to and choose 12mb. I've been doing this frequently for nearly a year. Below it shows that sometimes things are good, very good and so I then am hopeful that whatever has been fixed. 

The report from "" goes on for 14 pages. Below is the first page statistics.

mm/dd/yyyy  hh:mm:ss,           Size,              Mbps,   MB/s,

04/11/2016            20:46:59        DN,12 MB,      1.1,    0.14

04/03/2016             12:43:14,       DN,12 MB,      5.78,    0.72,

04/03/2016             08:34:07,       DN,12 MB,      2.88,    0.36,       

04/02/2016             20:24:35,       DN,12 MB,      1.58,       0.2,       

04/02/2016             10:23:32,       DN,12 MB,      7.28,    0.91,       

04/01/2016             08:58:52,       DN,12 MB,      7.14,    0.89,       

04/01/2016             08:57:24,       DN,12 MB,      8.34,    1.04,       

04/01/2016             08:53:41,       DN,12 MB,      4.47,    0.56,       

04/01/2016             07:49:16,       DN,12 MB,      1.22,    0.15,       

04/01/2016             07:40:54,       DN,12 MB,      0.71,    0.09,       

03/31/2016             22:08:11,       DN,12 MB,      1.47,    0.18,       

03/31/2016             20:42:55,       DN,12 MB,      1.41,    0.18,       

03/27/2016             11:51:04,       DN,12 MB,      3.66,    0.46,       

03/25/2016             09:38:53,       DN,12 MB,      10.94, 1.37,       

03/25/2016             09:26:15,       DN,12 MB,      7.01,    0.88,       

03/24/2016             07:17:37,       DN,12 MB,      1.84,    0.23,       

03/23/2016             17:21:42,       DN,12 MB,      5.3,      0.66,       

03/20/2016             16:00:26,       DN,12 MB,      1.33,    0.17,       

03/19/2016             10:21:49,       DN,12 MB,      1.81,    0.23,       

03/19/2016             09:36:29,       DN,12 MB,      0.73,    0.09,       

03/17/2016             21:46:29,       DN,12 MB,      2.79,    0.35,       

03/17/2016             21:38:37,       DN,1.3 MB,     0.34,    0.04,       

03/14/2016             21:50:14,       DN,12 MB,      6.87,    0.86,       

03/10/2016             10:03:10,       DN,6.2 MB,     6.31,    0.79,       

03/08/2016             22:41:26,       DN,12 MB,      1.33,    0.17,       

02/06/2016             09:23:07,       DN,12 MB,      1,         0.13,

What to do next?  For years HughesNet has worked well for me. This past almost 1 year it is frustrating. One time all my download points got used up very quickly (only saw one full movie but very slowly).

Keep it simple (the solution) it took me days just to figure out how to post a message here!

Thank you
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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

First thing you need an upgrade to the HT1100 modem. One of the Official Reps will see this tomorrow and probably initiate the replacement.
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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

Hello BirdDog

It seems strange that the solution is so automatic. They have known all along which modem model I have since they provided it. Wouldn't they then realize that everyone with that kind of modem should be notified to get a different modem? Or is it that the current modem "wore out" in some way and the replacement just happens to be a newer model?

Just the same, I hope you are correct.

Thank you for taking the time to post a reply.
Associate Professor

Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

Considering the cost to manufacture these modems, Hughes would rather leave the few functional HT1000's out there(they exist, and some people are very happy with the HT1000), and replace them as issues come up, or as customers ask about the upgrade to the HT1100.
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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

Not everyone experiences problems with the older model, they replace them as needed when a problem does arise. Plus there is no guarantee it will correct your issue, simply a first step.
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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

Thank you both for the clarification.
Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

One other thing is that the vast majority of those tests were run during peak usage times, and most likely your beam has been filling up from day one, with more and more people being signed up every day.  Some of those tests certainly are VERY slow, for sure.  Hopefully the modem upgrade will help. 

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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year

Hello mterlizzi,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! I have already created the order for you replacement HT1100 modem to be sent out. When it comes to managing load of the satellite and network infrastructure software wise, the HT1100 modem allows our engineers to more effectively do so. On top of that the newer modems are better configured for you to get the most out of your service. Hopefully this should help with what you are experiencing. Once you receive it, just swap out the old for the new and send us the old one using the return label that will be sent with everything. Let us know if it helps.

- Chris
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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year


Much appreciated
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Re: Sometimes slow internet for almost a year


Everything seems fine with the new unit installed. 

Much faster. Even faster than before a year ago.

Happy customer.

Thank you