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Soon out of FAP and back to Anytime Data


Soon out of FAP and back to Anytime Data

So in 3 hours I will be off FAP.  I guess when you're on it you must be on a different beam.  While I was on it my download speeds were a consistent 1.3-1.5 Mbps.  When I was on not on FAP my download sppeds off times were much less than 1 Mbps and spiked all over the place.  Guess I'll use my regular data at the supposed 25 plus Mbps which is hard to actually get and look froward to the consistencey of FAP.  Sigh.

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Re: Soon out of FAP and back to Anytime Data



Though I'm not sure exactly how it works, tech wise, when you enter FAP, you don't get put on a different beam.  


I'm not sure of the following, but it's possible that when you enter FAP you are put on a different pathway within that beam, though that's only speculation. It could answer why you seem to get more steady speeds when in FAP, as in that pathway may be reserved for FAP alone.  Again, this is only speculation and may not at all be the case.  


It's unfortunate that you're still not seeing any improvement with speeds, even after the tech visit.  Smiley Sad  I hope they can do something more to fix that.    

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