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Specs of Echostar 19/Jupiter 2?

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Tyler West
New Member

Specs of Echostar 19/Jupiter 2?

I have recently been searching for specs on the new satellite but have not been able to find any. I ask because while I am very pleased with my speeds (upwards of 20Mbps at times),  however, I generally run out of data very fast, leading to speeds of at most 150kbps, which is far to slow for my usage. That's why recently I decided to research how Echostar 19/Jupiter 2 will effect the speed/sizes of the plans, but could not find any real answers, not even the specs on the satellite such as capacity.

I am also curious how the satellite would compare to ViaSat-2, given that it appears to be more advanced from what I've read.

If anyone knows of any information of the satellite, or the plans that may come from it, I would greatly appreciate it.
Associate Professor

From my understanding, Jupiter 2 isn't to exactly increase network capacity, but to increase coverage area.  While overall network capacity will increase significantly, so will the footprint that Hughesnet covers... From Central America, to northern Canada, right now Jupiter 1 only covers about half of the USA...  Chances are, plans overall, wont change much, and I don't think J2 will offer over 200Gbps at max total throughput.  We really wont know much of anything about anything else till launch draws closer.

In the end, Jupiter 2 is being built to replace an aged HN7000 and HN9000 fleet that is lacking, and not being built to exactly augment current Jupiter coverage areas, while plans may change, I have doubts that plans will change drastically.
Assistant Professor

Sounds like you're expecting cable performance and caps because of the new satellite. Highly doubt it will come to that plus more to fill the present void in coverage and possibly gradually phase out the ageing Spaceway satellite as Corrosive said.

Hi Tyler

We don't have official specs or information on the new satellite just yet, but you can bet that when we do, the community will be one of the first to know.