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Speed testing instructions discrepancies...

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Speed testing instructions discrepancies...



The "more in depth" speed testing instructions linked to in this post give the download file size for Gen4 as 25MB, whereas in the community post it's 12MB.  Has the Gen4 download test file size been changed to 25MB?  


The upload sizes are also different between the two sources, with the community post saying 4MB for both Gen4 and Gen5, and the "more in depth" page saying 2MB for Gen4 and 3MB for Gen5.   


Also, the file sizes given on the "more in depth" page are in Mbps, not MB, as they should be. 


Lastly, the "more in depth" page makes no mention of disabling the WiFi.   Shouldn't it for the purpose of continuity and for the same reasons the community page does (ensuring no sapping of bandwidth via connected WiFi devices)?    


Some of this was noted in another thread, but due to the possibility of it getting lost in that thread and the addition of a couple of other things, I thought it best to mention it in a separate topic.   

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Good morning Gabe,


Thanks for pointing these out! It's been a while since we reviewed these, so let me double-check with the engineers which file sizes they need, and then we'll get that fixed in our messaging in the community and our FAQ moving forward.

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