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Still dropping calls

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Still dropping calls

My voice service continues to drop calls!  I am getting really frustrated with this service…. I have called many times and sometimes I can’t even get through the first call without it dropping!   I’ve been told that it had been escalated, but still not fixed.  Tech support, please help!  I live in a rural area and I had my frontier dsl line changed to this for hopes of better internet.  I had the voice added because I just thought it would be ok as well.  However, it is much worse!

please help!

Distinguished Professor IV

If they've told you it's been escalated, it means it has. It may take a while to get fixed.

Not a very good way to do business though.  They have given me no feedback as to where things are with it, and it’s been doing this since December, when it was installed.

Distinguished Professor IV

Yikes. I hope the reps on this site can ping the support team working on your issue and report back to you with an update.

Hi LM11,


Thanks for reaching out again. I see that our VOIP team tried calling you back a few times towards the end of June, but to no avail, so they closed your case. We're happy to pick this up again to work on your dropped call concern. I've notified our corporate VOIP team that the dropped calls persist and to have someone reach out to you. In the meantime, since I don't know when they will call and if it will be at a convenient time for you, you can also try calling support at your own leisure and reference your original case number: 144767181



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