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Still happening

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Still happening

Back in Feb. I asked about a message saying "Please close your browser"  Orriginal topic was declared solved. I disagree. I have been with for years. This did not happen a year ago.  I have taken 4 screen shots. Shot (0) shows browser open, Shot (1) shows browser closing, Shot (2) shows browser closed, Shot (3) shows after browser closed.  Something in the software is not recognizing that the browser has indeed closed. In todays world, time is money. Taking 15 to 20 seconds for the "Please close your browser" message to appear is not acceptable. Sure hope someone investigates this a little deeper and not just say it happens to me too and declare solved. (0)browser is open.pngNote upper left corner HN blue(1)Browser is closing.pngNote upper left corner log out(2)Browser has closed.pngUpper left corner HN is white and closed.(3)After browser has closed.pngBrowser already closed and this message appears.

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Re: Still happening

Still doing the same here, both with Firefox and Chrome.  It took about 25 seconds for each.  


With that said, I never really see it, as I rarely view my HughesNet email.  I don't use my HughesNet email for anything other than the HughesNet Support Community notifications, which I forward to my mainly used email, and when I sign into my HughesNet email it's just to clear those notifications out.  I then X out of it rather than using the sign out procedure.  


Here are some clearer pictures, in case the reps need them.




Screenshot (53).pngScreenshot (56).png




Screenshot (57).pngScreenshot (58).png

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Re: Still happening

Good morning thekysportsman,


Thank you for your feedback, I will send it over to our e-mail admins. What I've found is that it's not necessary to wait for that "Please close your browser" message to appear. Once you click the sign out link from webmail, you can close your browser/tab. I tested it just a few minutes before:


-logged into webmail

-clicked sign out

-closed the browser tab

-opened a new tab for the Support Center

-clicked My Email

-was presented w/ the sign in screen


This shows that clicking the sign out link and closing the browser without waiting for the "Please close your browser" message does sign you out. No need to wait.


Also, to be on the same page, when I see instructions to close the browser, I understand that to click the X in the browser window, or at least closing that browser tab. If you're still looking at the same webpage, you haven't closed the browser.

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