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Still slow as snot

Re: Still slow as snot

I am sorry it does say speeds may vary for 5 seconds in very small print, 5 seconds at

the 13 second to the 18 second mark 


Re: Still slow as snot

@maratsade wrote:

The speed is advertised as "up to 25 Mbps."  That's not false advertising  (and it is also how other providers advertise their speeds as well).   They also have several statements indicating speeds can vary considerably. 


The difference is that other ISPs actually provide what they're advertising. "Up to" is an out for them to deal with unreasonable customers who won't pay their bill because shows 24.99 Mbps instead of 25. HughesNet, on the other hand, is providing nothing even close to a broadband experience on congested beams.

Re: Still slow as snot

Dont you just hate it when you get pocket aces and the you get bounced from the game and the sign says it is because your internet is to slow right when that hughes net commercial comes on