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Still waiting...

I've had HN for 4 months.  I have to say I am not happy with the speed and customer service.  I've called and posted on several sights about my service.  I tested with a tech once and they said that he tested my connection the night before.  Well, if you test my connection by contacting my modem at night (after midnight) of course my speeds are good.  Last week I talked to a rep after her reading my post.  She said someone would call me at 7pm to test my connection.   Well surprisingly they did call at 7pm.  We tested my speed and it was slow.  She said she would refer this to the next level up and someone would contact me in one or two days.   Needless to say, it's been more than two days and nothing.  


I just ran a series of speed tests on and they varied between 1.7 and 10meg.  In the evening I average between .5 and 7meg.  Daytime is about the same.  With DSL I can get a steady signal depending on what speed I am paying for.  Unfortunately we live in the country where there isn't any cable and Verizon doesn't offer DSL.  If I could get DSL through the phone company i would switch in a heartbeat.  DSL is much more stable than satellite.  


Another issue I have with HN or other satellite providers is the inability to use a VPN.  My wife works from home and needs to use her VPN.  Our cell service through Verizon is also poor so she has to drive to a friend's house which has a good cell signal to use her hotspot and VPN.


The saga continues...


For the record, I am a retired telephone combination technician with 41 years of phone and internet experience.  

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This is not the best area to post your issue -- this is more of an off-topic area; it's not for tech or billing support, so you will likely not get help here.  You should post under Tech Support.


Hello rmadigan55,


We're very sorry that there was a long wait for our call back and that you've been having so much trouble. I also see that our advanced technical support group was able to reach you yesterday, did you also receive an e-mail from us?


Thank you