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Sucky Service but it's all we can get in our area!

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Sucky Service but it's all we can get in our area!

We recently became Hughesnet subscribers back in August after purchasing our retirement home in the country.  Hughesnet and one other company were our only choices and the other satellite company had no openings for subscribers so we really only had one choice.  Coming from having superb service with Charter for our internet and cable service and now stuck with this lame duck of a service really sucks!!!  DirecTV never told us we needed "high speed cable" to use OnDemand and other features that we're paying for but cannot access.  We have the 15gb plan and at the outrageous fees they are asking for the higher services I refuse to pay it!  We had 60mbps of download speed with Charter, now we can barely get 1mbps.  We had phone service with our package through Hughesnet but it was so horrible and ate up our bandwidth so we canceled that which was a long and frustrating phone call.  But we finally got them to drop the service with NO fees involved!  My wife needs the phone for work and since we get no Cell phone service out here it is VERY important that the house phone work and we got an AT&T hard line put in for that.  In the end... the service sucks but it's all that is available so we have to deal with it and hope that someone runs a REAL cable service into our area.  Good luck people!

Hi jjbovenzi,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting your feedback. Satellite internet does take getting used to especially in contrast to cable. Seems like you needed to rant a bit and that is fine. If you do need help and further assistance in the future feel free to use us as a resource. We are always willing to help you get the most out of your service.

Thank you,

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Byron McCrosky
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Byron McCrosky
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2am to 8am is free then y is it still slow