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System Light Out No Internet Connection

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System Light Out No Internet Connection

My modem will not connect to the internet. I have spent hours with support tech with no success. I have reset it, unplugged it and checked all cables. Is there anything else recommended to do? It has been out for a few days now. 




Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear this is happening. It is very strange that our phone support reps were unable to help after hours of troubleshooting. The system light being out is usually a result of bad weather in you area or at the gateway. Are you experiencing any heavy cloud coverage or poor weather?  Also, has there been any physical movement or damage to the dish outside? -Damian 

No damage to outside dish and weather is good. It was chat support I utilized due to poor cell service. The modem does feel very warm when it’s on. Used compressed air to see if that helped.. it didn’t and it is  still is very warm. 



I see and thank you for providing me wit this information. To get a quicker depiction of what is happening, I will need your help to find the state code. A state code is a number in the format of 0.0.0 that identifies specific problems with the service or modem. If you still see lights on the modem where "WiFi" or "LAN" are labeled, you will be able to access the modem's control center. This is where we will be able to locate the state code. To do this, open any browser you would like on a computer or device connected to your HughesNet network. In the address bar at the top of the page, type in or type This will populate the control center for your modem. At the top of the page, please click on the "System Status" link. The next page will load where the state code will be displayed in the first information box. Your state code should be in a format such as "0.0.0". It may also display the sate code at the top of the page as soon as you go to it. This is an internal website which allows it to work without actually being connected to the internet. -Damian 



Also, when it comes to the heat, the best thing to do would be to remove objects from around the modem for proper ventilation. Finding the state code will let us know if there is an overheating issue although it doesn't sound likely based on the system light being the only light affected. The modem usually will feel a bit warm to the touch -Damian 

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12.7.1  is the system code



Thank you for providing me with the state code. Please send me a private message with the phone number associated to your account. This is so I can locate you in the system and attempt to fix the issue remotely. You can message me by clicking this link .-Damian 

Ok I sent my number 

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