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System, transmit & receive buttons stopped. No internet.

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System, transmit & receive buttons stopped. No internet.

This is the first time my service has been down since getting HN in October. Watched the modem lights blink out one by one until the whole system, transmit and receive were gone. Hoping for a fast quick fhx!
Associate Professor

Jupiter II / Echostar19 appears to be having multiple outages...  The moderators will probably make an announcement soon.  Please dont call the service line as they afe overwhelmed and it will not help if its a system wide issue.

same issues here... system, transmit, and receive lights on the modem are out.  rebooting wont work.



It's not a customer side issue that can be resolved, it's a system issue that Hughesnet is attempting to repair.  There is nothing that we as consumers can do to get the connection working again aside from check from time to time to see if the modem comes back up.

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I’m in the same boat, my system receive and transmit buttons are off, I’ve checked every cable, restarted, unplugged, still nothing