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Tech Support, not very knowledgeable.

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Tech Support, not very knowledgeable.

System was installed, and the installation tech said everything was working, as it should be.  I was busy and did not have time to sit down and try all the devices. The next day I sat down to see how things worked, things did not work at all. I called tech support: first issue was my desktop it was giving me an error regarding IP address not being correct.  Tech support was clueless, told me to call Apple, I called Apple, the Apple tech told me to power off the HughesNet modem, this worked and that problem was solved, however I found out after further investigation that my devices would not connect on a consistent basis particularly when trying to get to the App store and iTunes store, called tech support back, spent at least an hour and half with the technician, things were working some what better, but not like it should, I knew it was not right, but the technician told me that it was working and decided she was done helping me, and ended the call.  Ten minutes later same issues, I called back a 3rd time. Third technician was more helpful had me do some speed tests, found the speed to be very slow. It was raining (although not very hard), this technician suggested that I call back when it had stopped raining so we could eliminate this as a possibility.  Called back the next day, the 4th technician had some indications that perhaps the cable from the modem to the router was not working properly, this had been brought up when talking to the 2nd tech, so I changed cables, this seemed to solve the issue that the technician was seeing, but still not the connectivity issues, over the WiFi.  The technician told me my router was bad and I needed to get a new one.  Well my router was fine 3 days before, so I was not believing that, but I could tell he was clueless as to what it could be (and to be fair the router is not a HughesNet device).  I called Apple since I have a Apple Airport Express, to see if Apple could tell me if my router was bad.  The Apple Tech, listened to my problem and 5 min later after changing a network setting on the router it was working fine. I understand that HughesNet does not support the router but perhaps they could be a little more familiar with issues that may concern the settings on a router.  Also the automated phone system would not recognize my zip code when I would enter it the first time, however it recognized it on the second try every time..  How can that be? One other thought, I spent a total of probably 3.5 hours with HughesNet Tech support, and about 10min with Apple Tech support, and there is definitely a difference between Tech support that speaks English as second language, and Tech support that does not.

Good morning bbteter,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. We're really sorry it took so long to get your issue resolved, but glad now that it is. Unfortunately it is difficult to train all our agents on different routers and their potential settings that could cause issues (especially when the router manufacturer generally has their own support). 

Do you know what setting was changed by Apple Support? Sounds like it may have been a DHCP setting change that did it. 


Hi bbteter,

Hope all is well. If you need anymore assistance feel free to let us know.

- Chris