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Terrible Servive

How do I get out of my contact. My service is so bad that I can't even place an online order because the webpage will not load fully to load the reCAPTCHA. Yes I understand data usage and I am in the slowed down "free" data but this is patetic. The promise of slowed speeds typically of 1-3 Mbps is straight up false advertisement. "Typically" would imply that they're at least that fast at some point. They're not. Upping my plan is not useful because I am going to run out before the end of the month due to working from home and end up in this same predicament. I have had constant problems the entire time I've been with Hughesnet. It's to the point that the bonus internet isn't even really any better. Even though I have 75% of that left. I would be better off without internet than throwing my money out the window for something that isn't usable. I mean my speed is 0.1mpbs. That can't be acceptable to anyone.

Distinguished Professor IV

To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:


Make sure you follow the instructions as given, otherwise you won't be able to have the issue addressed here. If you'd rather not do the speed tests that are required for this community, you will need to call customer service at 866-347-3292 (available 24/7). 


Are you out of data? When you're out of data, speeds are significantly slower; congestion (many people using the system in your area) will make them even worse.  

Distinguished Professor IV

"How do I get out of my contact."
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