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Terrible service


Re: Terrible service

@Madams83 wrote:
 It'll probably be interesting to see just how many complaints hughesnet does have with consumer affairs.

I think you'll find it's a lot fewer than you think. It might look like a widespread problem because 95% of all posts on a support site such as this are going to be people complaining about something or another. #shockers


What you're not seeing are the rest of the customer base that understand the shortfalls of satellite internet, learn to work within those limitations, are mostly satisfied with what they have as an alternative to... nothing.


I'm sure consumer affairs is likely to think: Ok, here's yet another person who bought something expecting something else, despite signing a contract that basically puts any issue you raise into arbitration. Plus, as a repeat 'caller', it may have worked once for you, but a second time with a similar service? I'm thinking they might be a little suspect.


@Madams83 wrote:
People shouldn't be misled to get that contract signed and money wrapped up with unsatisfactory business practices.

You're right that people shouldn't be misled. We bought a new Escape last year. The salesperson said the car literally sprouts wings and flies through traffic. Do you honestly think I treated that remark as serious as some people on here treat what they hear from HughesNet salespeople?


Clearly that comment was facetious. Nevertheless, I did my own research on the car's capabilities, repair record, as well as price and ignored the saleperson's oversold pitch, who is only there to make a sale. (again, #shockers)


That called due dilligence and common sense by not relying on someone that has a vested interest to get me to sign on the dotted line.


@Madams83 wrote:
We pay for the service, the company should recognize the shotty speeds and work on fixing the problem. Not telling people to run this and that when support can clearly see whats going on each call.

As far as the support personnel, they are and have been working it - they're constantly working it. I just don't think you have an appreciation for the complexity of how this whole thing works and how much time it takes to pinpoint an issue, much less to solve it. Nor do I think you have an appreciation for the limited technical staff they have available to research and solve the problem.


What doesn't help are people just saying it's broken but not giving them the specifics they need to find out why. They're not mindreaders. They need to know things about how you're using it, what you're using it for, not to mention what practically everyone on that beam is using it for that is also might affecting your speed.


They can't see everything required to diagnose every problem, just performance figures and the MAC addresses of things that are connected to your modem. Contrary to popular paranoid beliefs, they're not tracking your every move to see what sites you go to or with what apps/devices/services you're connecting with/to.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Terrible service

Well specifics would be speeds are running at 1 mbps... day and night since day one. Alot of businesses would send someone out maybe like the technician that hooked it up or someone certified to worm on such matters to see whats going on if its not something they can do over the calls. I mean this was hooked up on june 28th. I called and was told a command had been sent to the modem the first time and shoikd fix it. Beginning of July i called and was to they was expediting the claim to a service engineer becayse speeds were so slow and i was in my 20 days. When an engineer did call they said the problem should be addressed by the end of the month. I have 15% left of the downtime data and its 3 a.m. guess what... 1 mbps.

Re: Terrible service

@Madams83 wrote:
Well specifics would be speeds are running at 1 mbps... day and night since day one.

Right. But but just giving a single number isn't specific enough:

1. What did you use to determine that 1Mbps? It's highly recommend you create a TestMy account and do tests several times during different times of the day. This helps to eliminate a lot of different factors and helps to characterize what downloading a standardized 25MB chunk looks like over time. The process/procedure for doing this is elsewhere on this site. I think I saw you're already doing that in another thread.


2. What other devices are on the system at the time - Modem can only give everything a slice of the bandwidth. If you have other things constantly using the modem at the same time (e.g. security cameras and other smart devices), what you're monitoring 1Mbps on might be all that's left.


3. What do you normally use it for - not all uses operate the same way. For example, secure and some proxied protocols that can't handle the double NAT system such as VPN will be a lot slower.


4. How your wifi is configured: Not all wifi is the same. Certain protocol settings further restrict the allowable baseline bandwith (20MHz 802.11g vs. 40MHz 802.11n vs. 80MHz 802.11ac).


5. If you've run out of Anytime Data, you won't be cut off, but your bandwidth will be significantly throttled down (what we call Fair Access Policy (FAP)).


I could go on, but there are several factors to this problem, much of which can be isolated and eradicated if known.


Look. I'm not saying there isn't an obvious problem. I'm just saying there's a lot more to it to finding the solution than to just point a finger at tech and saying 'fix it'. That, of course, equally doesn't excuse them for not asking the right questions, either.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Terrible service

Good luck getting anything fixed.  I had a problem and worked with hughesnet for 3 months and they never did get the problem resolved.  I did give them all the info they needed and requested but they could not fix the issue.  So now I finally did what I should have done along time ago, swithched to something else.

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Re: Terrible service



Do you feel better now? 


Your issue was completely unrelated to the OPs.  


Perhaps, if/when the OP decides to participate, the issue will be worked on.  

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Re: Terrible service

What are you doing here, then?  If you're done, move on. 


So now I finally did what I should have done along time ago, swithched to something else.



Re: Terrible service



The original poster appears unresponsive and we'd prefer to address anyone else's issues individually in order to better manage your cases. Please create a new thread including the results of the speed tests using the instructions I provided above. This thread will be closed. Thank you!