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The First Twenty days

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The First Twenty days

The question that I have is the first twenty days that are for updating does it start when the equipment is installed or when it is the twentieth day of the mounth occurs?

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Usually 20 days from install day but watch closely each day. Some have reported they did not get the free period. If a day goes by without reset then you are being charged.

how do you check to see if you still got it without using data?

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@Clc288 wrote:

how do you check to see if you still got it without using data?

You should download the Hughesnet Status/Usage Meter here...  You can monitor your data usage and amount remaining with this tool.   


You can also sign in at that address and look under "Usage."


But, as for seeing if you've received the twenty days of resets without actually using any data, you can't.  Data is only replaced during those twenty days if it's used.  But, with that said, a computer simply connecting to the internet uses data, even if you don't actively do anything, as it performs update checks and such.  


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Hello Clc288,


Welcome to our community and thanks for posting. As mentioned above, we currently do not have a means of showing where you are within your twenty days of relaxed bandwidth. However, the twenty days begins on the date of your installation. I pulled up your account and saw that your installation was June 1, so your twenty days ended on June 20. Thanks, and please let me know if you have any additional questions.



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Your first 20 days goes into affect immediatley upon around the 20th day of this first month (give or take a day), your data resets should stop, and it is then that you will notice that your Usage Meter is not resetting back to 100% like it did during the first 20 days...


but like previous poster the consumer, it really is your responsiblity to keep your eye on your Usage Meter in the event that you don't quite get a full 20 days of resets. These resets are a courtesy from HughesNet as a way to offset some of the large downloaded files you may need to get your computer up to make sure to make good use of these resets and download everything you can think of that you may need for your computer (Usage Meter, GlassWire, Browser Add-Ons, Window Updates,  Antivirus Software etc..)