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The Secrets of Wearable Tech (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc)

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The Secrets of Wearable Tech (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc)

I tried to find a recent article to describe some of the "data danger" from wearable techs. No I'm not talking about someone using your FitBit data against you in a court of law - but just how much data your wearable tech will eat up!

Here's a quickie article about the anticipation of wearable tech and data boom

And a discussion on the Fitbit community about data usage & syncing

With the gift giving holidays coming up and Cyber Monday's shipments coming this week and next, I'm sure many of you bought some wearable tech, or new WiFi enabled devices! I think I even saw a pressure cooker with bluetooth at Bestbuy! I encourage everyone to leave a tip in the comments about a piece of new technology to look out for that can use up your data, even if its just a few lost bytes!