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The all to familiar problem, slow - slow - slow

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The all to familiar problem, slow - slow - slow

I have complained about the throughput speed before and there was no real solution  Sometimes downloads are near what one would / should expect, but most often very unsatisfactory.    No way for me to prove it, but all evidence available points to Hughsnet gateway bottlenecks.    Sometimes the download speed may be (sort of) OK, but the actual throughput is usually very slow due to "waiting"  - periods of inactivity in responding to a request.

I have a 101 signal strength, plenty of data, recently power-off reset the modem, Ethernet connection to moder, ect.  Near dialup true throughput persists in spite of the indicated fast speeds by  

Also, (recommended by HN) does not seem to be reporting acturately.   The most recent run indicated the speed topped out at 98Mbs. It has reported speeds in excess of  200 Mbps Yeah, right!      Here are others:

A test by (HTML5 Test) produced results that reflect what throughput speed I actually receive:

Sometimes the crazy high latency reported in this test are more a more realistic value, around 660.  However, the speed is still slow.

My question is will HN ever fix the problem that I (and many, many others) are plagued with?



Woody  -  KZ4AK