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This is not environmentally friendly or customer friendly.

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This is not environmentally friendly or customer friendly.

I was extremely surprised to learn when I was forced to terminate my serve due to inadequate data allowance that it was my responsibility to deal with the huge satellite device attached to my house which HugesNet had installed. This is not environmentally friendly or customer friendly.
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If you mean the dish then most recycling centers will take it. The radio and modem needs to be returned or you will be charged for them.
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I can understand the OP being a little frustrated with having to dispose of the dish, but it's not hard.  Not environmentally friendly, though...that one threw me for a loop, for sure.  I wasn't quite sure where they were going to go with that when I read the title.   

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Hello mgodwin166,

We appreciate your concern about the equipment. As BirdDog said, you can check out local recycling centers to see who will accept it. Please refer to if you have any further questions about the lease agreement and returning the equipment.

Thank you
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Recycle gosh that is throwing away a good target just tape a target to it and shoot now that is fun.  So far I have bagged 2 Dish Network and one DirecTV dish and as soon as I get up there to take it down one more DirecTv dish.  Ain't country living great?
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Well, he doesn't "have" to remove HughesNet dish from his roof any more than he has to remove a Radio Shack off-air TV antenna if he's no longer using it (TV antennas are far uglier than dishes, IMO). 

Dish Network and DIRECTV have the same policy. They don't remove their dishes if a customer no longer wants their service. Been that way for over 20 years now.
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