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Tired of loosing down load minutes when not doing anything!

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Tired of loosing down load minutes when not doing anything!

My wife and I for the last 4 months have blown our down load minutes and we don't do anything, through investigation and talking to outside sources there are so many ghosts programs running that we have no control over. I am upset that HughesNet and everybody else takes advantage of the people that don't abuse there internet. I was contacted by Mercury Wireless they have unlimited broadband internet for the same prices as Hughes net but I'm down in a valley can't reach a tower but if HughesNet doesn't start treating there customers better and fix these speed and down load times there going to loose there customers. Mercury Wireless unlimited broadband instead of sattilight thats where this is headed.
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Your data allowance is based on data measured in MB's and GB's ... not time as in minutes.
What programs and processes that are running your computer and perhaps other connected devices if you use a router is beyond the control of Hughes.

There are however a number of things that can be done to determine what is using your data. Once that is determined we can suggest some steps to take such as adding ad block browser extensions among other things.

What Modem do you have?
What Hughesnet plan level do you have?
What operating system do you run?
Do you connect a single computer directly to the modem or do you have a router?
If you use a router what is the brand, model and version?
If using a router please list all the devices you have connected.

Hello stanround,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. Just as a followup to Gwalk900's comment about the data allowance and how it is measured. Every month there is an allotted data amount during the daytime hours called Anytime Bytes. Your plan currently calls for 10GB of Anytime Bytes and 50GB of Bonus Bytes (usable between 2-8AM, can be used by scheduling downloads/uploads during these hours).

Please note that downloads and uploads do count towards your data usage. If there is an unlimited provider in your area perhaps it is the better route to make the switch. You are not under commitment with HughesNet so if you did cancel, there would be no early termination fee.

Thank you