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Tonight’s buffering

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Tonight’s buffering

I have download speed of 33mbs it took 2.5 hours to watch 1 hour of a movie.
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At present I have a speed of 44.19Mbps, as tested at  I also have the Video Data Saver paused (Snooze).  I don't have Netflix, but I did try to stream a TLC show from their site.  It ran fine for about the first fifteen seconds, then auto reduced its definition to what looked like SD, then did to to what looked like LD after about ten seconds.   It then started buffering.  After about two minutes, the buffering calmed down and it went back up to SD, then started buffering again after about twenty seconds.  I then gave up.  


Right now, at 10:00PM EST, I'm right in the thick of the peak usage period.  Around 9:00PM is when it's the "thickest" for me, but 10:00PM is still right in it.  Because of it, I'm getting a lot of congestion.  My speed is great, but's not a smooth, steady speed, which streaming likes.   


Later at night, when my speed is virtually the same the same as it is now, the stream will be much better, with very little buffering, if any, and a good picture.  


Additionally, and though I don't have any way to prove or disprove this, I think that streaming with a satellite service is even more susceptible to buffering and such due to the higher latency inherent to such.  I do know that the higher latency affects some servers negatively, like when a file download that should only take a minute or two with one's current speed ends up taking much, much longer.  I used to have terrible times with Microsoft updates, with one 600+MB update taking just over 27 hours last year, while with the speed I had it should have only taken roughly fifteen minutes.  People with decent speeds sometimes see the same type of thing with Apple product downloads.  So, again, though I can't prove or disprove it, I think that the combination of congestion and the high latency can play havoc on streaming.    

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Hello Kaiserfamily,

In order to avoid confusion, I would like to keep our conversation on the original post. If you have issues not relevant to your streaming then please start a new thread. Thank you!