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Transmit/receive/system lights. No internet.

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Transmit/receive/system lights. No internet.

Came home to the transmit/receive/system lights off on the modem. I have unplugged it from the wall and from the modem itself to reset it to no avail. Is this a Hughes bet system wide issue again or an issue with my modem itself? Everything was working fine this morning.
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Re: Transmit/receive/system lights. No internet.



It's possible that there is weather at your gateway that is affecting your service.  


To determine the location of your gateway, what is the Satellite Name and Beam ID in the Satellite box on the following page?!/home/information

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Re: Transmit/receive/system lights. No internet.

Hi Jp1,


If your location was not affected by adverse weather conditions prior to this, we'll need to know a little more information before moving forward. Using the link provided by GabeU, click on "System Status" at the top of that page. Towards the middle of the page will be a set of numbers labeled as the System State Code - please post that set of numbers here (will look something like 1.2.3). 


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Re: Transmit/receive/system lights. No internet.

Hi  Jp1


Just checking in, it has been about a week since we received your post. If you are still experiencing any issues please reply here at your earliest convenience. I will be closing this thread next Wednesday.